Our house was built in 1996 and the kitchen was original.  In our neighborhood, we saw many homes do partial kitchen renovations and through that, we decided that we wanted to do a full renovation.  This allowed us to start from scratch.

We had two criteria when renovating:  we wanted clean lines and more natural light.  To get clean lines we went with a modern style and incorporated as much natural stone as possible.  The floating shelves also added to the clean look.  To get more natural light we knocked out a south wall that separated the kitchen from the dining and front living area.  This allowed the light from the south to pour through to the kitchen.  In addition, we wanted the kitchen to flow into the rest of the house.  To accomplish this we raised the entryway to the back living area and installed unfinished 5″ white oak flooring throughout the entire first floor.  We then had the floors sanded and stained to the desired color. Kevin Reiner Design (KRD), Granville, OH, designed the entire kitchen (http://www.kevinreinerdesign.com/home).  KRD has been featured in many publications and their design work is in many homes across the United States.  Their focus is on clean lines, bringing the outdoors in, and lighting. (Much more info can be gleaned from his website).

Nightingale Co., Rochester, MI, was one of many contractors we looked at to complete the project (http://www.nightingalecompany.com/).  We chose Nightingale because we could tell through our meetings that they were the most qualified.  They had project owners, dedicated crews, and many projects both residential and business that showed their body of work and quality.  The project timeline and budget were managed through an online tool that made it easy to see the project plan and scope.  (Again, much more can be found on their website.)

We are super happy with the kitchen renovation.  The style, function, and finished product are high quality and sophisticated.  For us, the kitchen is truly a place where we eat, laugh, talk about our days, and, during the school year, do homework.  It is by far our favorite place in the house and will be for many years to come.


Thank you to the many people that made it come together and special thanks to Andrew Miller for building all the cabinetry (appliance covers, pantry, and island).  The cabinetry fit and finish far exceeded our expectations.

Year Installed: 2017

Cabinet Style: Flush Inset Face Frame

Species: Hard Maple

Finish: Painted – Horizon OC-53

Door Style: Oxford Shaker / Straight Shaker

Hardware: Designer Provided



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