On the edge of Indiana Dunes State Park…

…is a beautiful woodland home occupied by two gentle Labradors and six humans who all love life.

After 20 years in this home, the Read family knew it was time to replace the dated kitchen with an expansive, warm and inviting room that would better complement the rest of the house.

For cabinets they chose quarter sawn white oak and a full overlay, stained in beautiful Michael’s Cherry.  Note the timeless Arts and Crafts style mullions on the Shaker doors, with matching trim above.  This kitchen also features appliques above the sink, and numerous pullouts for function throughout.

In an adjoining hallway, a coordinating cabinet distinguished by darker countertop ushers guests into the kitchen/dining/living room space.

Year Installed: 2016

Cabinet Style: Flush Inset Face Frame

Species: White Oak

Finish: Stained – Michael’s Cherry

Door Style: Craftsman Mullions / Mission

Hardware: Designer Provided

Notes: Truly a custom project in all phases, I had a lot of fun engineering and then building this kitchen for the Read family.  I worked with a great contractor, Thomas Metzger of NWI Home Improvement (219.613.4103), who installed the kitchen, trim, and flooring throughout the house.

We are a family of six, and over the years we have built our home.  I say years, not because the creation of a home ends at its construction, but continues long after.  Every new layer of paint on the walls, every new etch and scratch on a wood or tile floor, and every piece of furniture added to a house builds a home over and over again.  And I think our home is well lived in, and well loved.  Before Andrew began working with us, our kitchen was almost twenty years old, and it looked the part.  It was time for a change.  Some of the older and more cherished pieces of furniture in our house are Mission style, and Andrew summoned inspiration from the Arts and Crafts style of our home.  Our table, chairs, and cabinetry in the kitchen and bathrooms are masterfully constructed Mission style woodworks and they tie our home together better than ever.  A home is a beautiful place.  It’s where we feel safest and relaxed with the ones we love the most.  Andrew has made us feel at home – again.  We are forever grateful for his amazing talent and abilities.

Samantha Read


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