Unarguably the most important room in the house, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

I like to sit down with my clients and listen. I listen to what their kitchen means to them and their family…

We talk about the appliances that they will be utilizing and the space requirements that they have. We talk about their families and any special needs that they have. We talk about budgets and finishes, counter tops, hardware, special options and wood. Once I have learned as much as I can about the home and the family, then I get started designing the perfect kitchen for them and their needs – both now and in the future. When the plans are approved I order the raw materials that I will need for the project – I purchase the best kiln dried lumber that is available that will accomplish the look my client is trying to achieve. The wood arrives within a few days and I begin a journey that involves saws, planers, sanders and screw guns. As I have already spent considerable time planning every corner, every turn, every drawer and every hinge, I know exactly what I am going to build to create a kitchen that is functional, beautiful and most importantly, useful for my client.


“The smell of the saw dust and the smoothness of the freshly sanded wood as it turns into something beautiful is, well, beautiful.”

Andrew has custom-made a bathroom vanity, our kitchen cabinetry, and two large storage benches. We receive compliments regularly on these items. They are solidly built and handsome additions to our home. Andrew is easy to work with: responsive, cheerful, and full of great ideas to make a project work best for you.


If you are ready to stop dreaming about a new kitchen and start planning it, call Andrew Miller today. You might find out that it is less expensive than you think. 574-773.4405.

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