Wood Species and Finishes

Choosing the correct species of wood and finish is not as difficult as you think, if you know the right questions to ask and you know wood.

Although the correct wood species and finish for your new kitchen depends on your artistic tastes, the process to get to the correct combination is usually an interesting experience that is actually fun.


When we meet, I will have a variety of different wood species samples and finishes with me. Natural, painted, stained, glazed….the list can go on and on as I can build and finish your new cabinets in any combination you desire. The important thing is that we get the combination that will make your kitchen look exactly as you want it to.
Below are just a few of the current popular species and finishes. If you don’t see what you want for your kitchen, ask and I have most likely have some samples of that combination.

“The smell of the saw dust and the smoothness of the freshly sanded wood as it turns into something beautiful is, well, beautiful.”


Andrew did an amazing job building exactly the custom cabinets for our new kitchen.  Being installed in a 170 year old house, he took the time to custom fit each piece to make it work in the space. We love his work and receive so many compliments on his amazing work.


If you are ready to stop dreaming about a new kitchen and start planning it, call Andrew Miller today. 

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Below are several samples of some of the finishes we have done on our last dozen or so projects. If there is a color or finish that you want but don’t see it, let’s talk, we should have no problem coming up with exactly what you want.